A Town Called Valentine: A Valentine Valley Novel

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Cowboy Nate Thalberg becomes an instant irritant yet unavoidable desire. As Emily attempts to recreate her unraveled life and handle staggering secrets while flailing around for the meaning of home, she unintentionally settles deeper into the welcoming town. Nate's focus on not hurting Emily while trying to tame his own demons throws up realistic roadblocks.

With an engaging narrative and charming setting, this cozy tale makes for a pleasurably satisfying read by a crackling fire on cold winter nights. Such a sweet story. I didn't want to put it down and I definitely didn't want it to end. Nate helps her with the renovations.

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Nate and Emily feel an immediate attraction, but then she backs off, thanks to her rocky romantic history. As they get to know each other better, the slow-and-steady build feels realistic and true. Overview - Will leave you smiling long after you've closed the last page.

This item is available only to U. True Love at Silver C When the Rancher Came A Promise at Bluebell I enjoyed getting to know the town of Valentine along with some of the people that reside there. I think this book set up the series perfectly for many more to come. I love the interaction with the characters and that nothing came easy for them, the HEA did happen, but they had to work for it. Great start. Anonymous More than 1 year ago First, I would like to comment on a reviewer, who only left a one star review, even though she had not yet read the book.

They did not ask for a review, before the book was read, nor did they demand you purchase the book, just to write a review. The only person you have hurt by your review is the author and you did not even have the grace to read the book, before you slammed it. Now here is my review: this book has a nice amount of pages, A great length for an e-book. It was a free Friday offering.

A Town Called Valentine : A Valentine Valley Novel by Emma Cane

Its genre is romance. It is well edited, has a great flow and is stand alone. The ending is a little sappy. There are a few very mild curse words. The characters are likable and well rounded. The plot is predictable.

The heroine has a chip on her shoulder and goes on and on, ad ifinitum about the lien on her building. So much so, I almost quit reading this book over it being mentioned so much. The lien was not even a vital part of the book.

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There are some pretty steamy make out sessions. A few fresh elements were in this book which was nice. Once again, the heroine's parents had been killed in an auto accident. Authors, if you are going to kill off parents, can you have them fall off a waterfall, down a cliff, birds carry them off, or something different? How about eaten by escaped lions from the zoo? Or better yet, let them live!

How unique that would be! Long married, loving parents, wow, it simply boogles the mind. This book was a nice, clean, romance. There was not dirty or nasty sex in it. It is chick lit. For ages 16 and up. I was going to give it four stars, but am giving it five to help off set the single star left by the person who did not even read it.

SharonRedfern More than 1 year ago Emily has come to Valentine, Colorado to take ownership of a building her grandmother left her, and then sell it. Her marriage has ended in divorce, she has very little money, and she wants to go back to college and start her life over. She is definitely not looking for romance. Her welcome to Valentine is her car dying outside of a local bar. His need to manage everything ruined his first big romance and is causing his brother to worry about him.

He is in the bar trying to relax. Emily has had a hard time with love and trust; her mother was interested in her new age shop and the men in her life instead of Emily.

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  8. Her marriage ended in a particularly cruel way. The welcoming residents of Valentine try to pull her into the town life but she is convinced that her happiness lies back in San Francisco. Nate has a 10 date limit since his first bad love experience and finds himself attracted to Emily which causes him anxiety. They get closer as she works to renovate the damaged building she owns. This was a sweet romance set in a storybook town.

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    Emily finds out some things about her mother that change her outlook on life in Valentine and Nate learns to let other people handle some of his burdens. I think most people would love to live in a town like Valentine. If so, I would take a return trip.